A Rabbit Hole

10Best – 10 Best places to be sleepless in Berlin

Flashback to Berlin in the 1920s: cabaret, dada, dance, dens of iniquity inhabited by a sinful demi-monde that included Marlene Dietrich and Christopher Isherwood. The latter famously immortalized the age in his bio-based novel Goodbye to Berlin that later spawned the Broadway musical and movie Cabaret.


Barchick – Prinzipal Kreuzberg

This is Berlin’s answer to 20th Century Paris… Moulin Rouge style. And yes, there are nipple tassels. In Berlin’s hippest district, Kreuzberg, hides this wonderland of drink and debauchery; look for the burlesqued-up tranny lurking by a door and it’s likely you’ve found your way.


Bezirzt – Prinzipal: let’s go burlesque

Kein Schild, nur eine überdimensionale Straßenlaterne markiert den Eingang. Allzu leicht läuft man an der Tür vorbei, ohne überhaupt erahnen zu können, was sich hinter der unscheinbaren Fassade im Laternenlicht befindet. Die schwere Holztür ist verschlossen, schottet die Außenwelt ab und hält unliebsame Laufkundschaft fern. Finger auf den Klingelknopf – ­ gespanntes Warten.


Trader Magnus – Barmaid Olympics – charity cocktail competition in Berlin

My latest cocktail trip to Berlin also luckily coincided with the first chapter of the new cocktail competition Barmaid Olympics – a charity event for Frauenprojekte Bora with female bartenders from Germany, Austria and Switzerland challenged with the task of creating the best cocktail for the modern 21st century woman. Expertly organized by Julia Comu (Prinzipal, soon at The Curtain Club) and Cordula Langer (assistant bar manager at Lebensstern), the brand new and very beautiful bar Prinzipal was packed with people already at 3PM – all of them willing to donate for a good cause (total amount €1725) and have a good time.


The Berlin Guidebook – Prinzipal Kreuzberg

Since the Grand Opening on February 7, the Prinzipal Kreuzberg is hidden behind black curtains right next to the flowershop on Oranienstraße. We ring to enter and one of the three owners Erbahan Memedov opens the door in slick suit and cylinder, while his companion Elli Schumann in a self designed red dress with feathers in her hair welcomes us in.


Mixology – Barmaids für BORA e.V.

„Noch nen Schein, nee, ich nehm kein Klimperzeug.“ Damit hält Amaro als Türsteherin jedem Ankömmling so hartnäckig wie erfolgreich die Spendenbox unter die Nase. Geld für den guten Zweck und Mixen um die Wette auf den Barmaid Olympics.


Berlinagenten – Red Carpet … Henrik’s world

Berlin is always hot-to-trot but this was one, very naughty evening, even for us! First stop was Playboy night at The Pearl. There was no sign of Hugh Hefner is his dressing gown but there was copious amounts of flesh on display as Playboy Bunnies strode around, as well as burlesque performances. Next, we went to Insomnia, the infamous fetish and sex club at Templehof.